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Turbo upgrade on impreza


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I am getting a used engine for a subaru impreza turbo 2000,1999. As I am getting my engine changed i will be upgrading my turbo to a vf 28 turbo and an STI top mount intercooler, my question is would it run fine without a map am i able to drive it as normal or do i HAVE to get a map?

The person putting the engine in says it is fine and does not NEED  a map any views and help.


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Yes i will be keeping the same injectors. The mechanic says he has done them before and they drive fine without a map. A map is only

if you want the most gains out of it otherwise it will still drive.

Abit clueless but still sourcing a good engine for good value.

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He's totaly clueless mate, walk away and find a proper specialist. after those change its will need a map, no 'to get the best gains', it will need mapping to stop it from self destructing.

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