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Matt from Thirsk,North Yorkshire

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To cut a 5-6 year story short, I bought a blobeye and I'm selling off my project ST205 lol

The blobeye,

2004(54) 84K stacks of paper work from new, full service history, fairly standered (I think) bar a dump valve an blitz but spec r.

Oh, and it's in the best colour....


Last two pictures are after 6 hours of sorts g out swirls in the paint work.

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Been running a decat for a few months, decided it was time to out cat back in today before I break something, love the decatted sound! Can't get over the noise difference between catted an de-catted, she's so quite!!!

Need to get these parts sold so I can decat it and leave it that way 😁😁

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Welcome to the club mate

Feel free to look around car looks good shame its not blue tho but nobodys perfect i suppose


Apart from me 👋🖒

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