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I'm Vicki, I'm from Romford, Essex.

Thought I'd better join up. Met a lovely guy called Geoff (Geoff Leggy) today and Japfest Rock with another BH5 Legacy who spoke about this forum.

I have a 1999 Legacy GT-B (BH5) import which I love. Had her for 2.5 years now. Has some issues (appeared red recently) namely the dredded not revving over 4500 but as its already been brought up I'm going to check the hoses and fingers crossed it gets sorted. Then I can get her remapped to sort out some bugs. Haven't done much, exedy stage 1 clutch and push her over the 300hp mark, up-graded belts (cam belt next), a couple of guages, upgraded fuel pump, primary decat with custom exhaust, STI genome strut bar and I'm in the process of colour matching and RFRB front grill, front splitter and a spoiler (going BGW to make a change) because of course it's not the original Subaru colour it's Izuzu white lol. Oh and I'm in the process of changing the decals but there is an issue with paintwork and the car deciding it doesn't like it. Lots of TLC needed.

So Hi everyone!



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