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Stuttering and reduced power on SF5 Forester


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Morning all


I’ve got some issues on the FOZ!


Ran it up to Birmingham and back and did as good 200+ miles with her running fine earlier last week. Didn’t really use her over the weekend. Got in it this morning and drove it 20 miles towards work driving really steady, no turbo use really as I was nearly on the red and was trying to get it to fuel station without the light coming on – no issues up to this point!


Got to fuel station and filled it up with 58 litres of Shell Nitro Power Unleaded – got in it and pulled out on to main road, got into 3rd gear and went to put foot down and it was coughing and spluttering all over so I let off, went into 4th and applied gentle throttle and it seemed normal, then into 5th and up to 60mph and went to give it some throttle and it was wobbling all over the place, giving no boost and feeling pretty dodge!


I had about 5 miles to go the get to work so I drove really steady, not asking for any power and as I got very close to work I gave it steady throttle in 4th and it seemed to give me boost fine until I let off and slowed down due to traffic at which point the “CHECK ENGINE” light came on and then it stalled! I pulled over to verge and let it sit for a moment and then re-started it. It was slow to start and felt very wobbly – I limped it to work – the check engine light didn’t come on again but its not running right!


Any ideas or help would be much appreciated – We’ve only had it 2 weeks! Makes me wonder if I’ve been had! FFS!!!!!!!!



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Could be as simple as the ECU throwing a wobbly or a duff sensor, get it to a specialist to get it checked out. Try an drive it as little as possible before its looked at and keep it off boost and under 3k RPM

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Hi James

It's only just had a new fuel pump 2 months ago so I'd hope that it isn't that! I'm going to have to attempt driving it home. Just hope it's nothing major!

Any further wisdom or advice would be much appreciated!

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Do the self diagnostic check with the green and black plugs underneath the steering column.

Could be something simple like maf knock or crank sensor, when the cel comes on it may be putting it into limp mode

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Took it out for a drive on my lunch break - put some red x in to try and clear the system a bit as I'd run it down to empty and the chap I bought it off religiously treated quarter tank as empty for the 7 years he owned it.

No smoke from exhaust and idle is normal once warm, revs fine and no oily particles coming from exhaust.

Still running a bit lumpy and not giving full power when you give it throttle so there's a problem somewhere. The chap I bought it off (work mate) came down and had a look and said the car has a self regulating ECU so it might take a couple of hundred miles to level out being that I'd run it low and filled it up. He said that it may have pulled some crap through the system and the sensor may have caused the "Check Engine" light to come on.

The fuel pump was a new part in Feb this year and I have the receipt for £600+ supplied and fitted.

Annoying none the less being that I've only had it 2 weeks! Drove lovely down to birmingham and back (200 miles+).

Stants - I have no idea how to do the self diagnostic check! Any chance you could talk me through it?

Gonna drive it home conservatively and hope theres no problems!

Thanks in advance for your time and help guys

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There is a very good how check your ECU in the how to section on the forum made by gambit give it a look. Stuttering and lumpy running and cut on on full throttle generally is fuel a fuel problem. That's not say I couldn't be a eclectic fault causing it. 

My scoobies fuel seized causing a similar issue. My sister Evo had a similar problem and that was a bad earth for the pump. Run a ecu check then use a multimeter to make sure the pump is getting the right power. Pretty sure Subaru pumps run flat out the whole time the engine is running so it needs good strong supply.

good luck 

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