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New member - not quite owner

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Just thought I would introduce myself.

Im not quite a Subaru owner yet, just hoping to do a little more reading up
Just waiting to sell my house before I can make the jump from my Civic Type R
to a UK spec bug/blob STI.

Just though i'd say Hi.

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Thanks for the warm welcome, I have my first house viewing tonight so fingers crossed it sells.

I know thats the choice of scoob where i want to be, as much as the JDM offer more performance and quicker steering etc, I want the unequal header sound and dont want the faff of swapping from twin scroll too. I will have limited modding funds to begin with.
but the 3 door type r classic I have always loved.
Not sure id want to deal with potential rust issues and the maintaince involved with the rust treatment as needed so much on the classics.
But they are stunning cars

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some info you might wanna know, bug eyes are cheaper than blob eyes. go for 2 liter engine because if you got for 2.5 the road tax is through the roof. i would recomment looking at about 2004-2005 year for the blobs, i bought a 2003 in a mint body with no rust for £5.5k with 84k miles on the clock and that was about 2 years ago from a dealer. make sure you check the first buyer link in my signature.

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