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New member looking forward to owning a Subaru

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Hi Guys,

Thought I would drop a line to say Hi, been on here looking and gaining info for a while might be picking up my first Subaru this weekend!!

Can anyone advise what to look out for on a 2006 WRX 2.5 Hawkeye? I've seen a new people say don't buy the 2.5 but is that the hatch back or saloon style?? Bit concerned as the car has 89k on the clock...

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Wotcha and welcome - the issues are with both body shapes, the 2.0 hawk will get you lower tax band, make sure there is service history with the car - at 89k the cam belt should have been changed.

lots of owners have had no issues with the 2.5 lump myself included sustained high revs and lots of hard cornering can lead to ringland failure particularly on no. 4 piston. forged replacements will stop this also if you intend doing track days or lots of high speed cornering get some form of sump baffling to keep the oil in the enabling pickup 

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Certainly looks the nuts!  Sounds like a good set up, nothing too mental.  For me it would be checking the part history.  

Cambelt done?

I'd want to see a stone cold start if possible. Check for signs of oil weep around the heads.  Clutch bite and gear selection, let it sit idling for a while when hot, stop and restart. standard things really for any car. 

I always forget to check brake wear too. New set of discs and pads arent mega cheap for quality ones. 

Hope it goes well.  

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Best left alone by the sounds of it mate, one thing I will say is when you test drive the car when it's all up to temp give it a little bit of beans through the gears with quickish gear changes at highish revs as that will highlight any problems with the synchros, had the problem of crunching into gear in 3rd in my blob on a quick gear change and I myself missed 4th just once in my hawk and now that will crunch if I try a quick change at high revs 

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