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Worrying noise.....


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So recently my car has developed a sort of rattle noise its hard to explain but the noise is on when the engine is idling and speeds up and slows down when you rev it. I popped the bonnet and had a listen doesn't sound at all like its coming from the engine bay. It sounds like its maybe coming from the gearbox or mid exhaust area :S it sounds its loudest from outside the car.


any ideas? should i be worried?

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Cheers for the advice , i had a spare half hour today to lift it up it 100% sounds like its coming from the gearbox or downpipe. The exhaust is only 1 year old and was bought new so i wouldn't think its any damage there i think it could be the downpipe as you say maybe a bolt come loose as the downpipe has been in the car since i had it.


Ill take another look on saturday and update 

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