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hello got my first impreza today came with a few issues which I would like to sort , just wondering if anybody knows where to get a manual from Haynes website don't seem to do them for a 2000 year,

also does any body know a good body shop near Warwickshire to get both rear wheel arches done if so can you indicate of cost please :

what's cheapest place for insurance any recommendations

kindest regards


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I'm with Kieth Micheal's with all mods declared for a good price.

I don't think there is a Haynes manual but kayzarh seems to have the original workshop manuals. Failing that there's a wealth of knowledge right here to pick at.

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Rear arches seem to differ quite a bit price wise £150 to £500 per side ,As they normally rust from the inside out .It depends on how bad the inner arches are and whether you have a proppa job done (metal cut out/replaced) or just ground back and filled .

There's a link on the first few pages of my sticky build thread on here which has a link to "ken gilbert" which has a few pdf downloads of scooby manuals [emoji6]

If it's modified I'd try Adrian flux or Keith Michael but phone them rather than just getting a quote online, as you get all your mods covered and a much better deal [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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