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Hi im a new member from mid wales, i have got 2 early type classic impreza wrx's currently in the middle of a full strip down and rebuild respray etc on one and will be doing the same on the other once the first one is finished. Up to now i have totally stripped the car, renewed all the brakes, re-furbished the wheels (in gold), fitted new tyres, fitted a new timing belt and water pump plus general service oils etc, as it stands now ive cut out a rusty wheel arch on the offside rear which i need to fabricate and replace (nearside is fine), and also i have removed the rusty sills, again i need to fabricate new and replace. Thinking of fitting the larger rear sti spoiler and the large bonnet vent that ive got here and a set of coilovers. Somebody has fitted a lot of sti parts to the car before hand. The second car i will be rebuilding back to standard the way it should be.

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Always good to hear early scoobs being saved rather than scrapped [emoji106]

Get some pics up and feel free to join in on any of the threads .

Or better still start a build thread so we can see your progress [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Cheers lads, i will try and do some pics when i remember, may even stretch to a build thread, i dont like anything old being scrapped, so i kinda have a bit of a vehicle collection of around 20, strangely mostly all jap stuff, 4x4s, cars, bikes, quads, the odd tractor and digger, all with the view of them being restored one day. (hopefully). Ive been a mechanic for 15 years so pretty clued up on most things, i do prefer the older stuff though as it can be played around with a lot more and you stand half a chance of fixing it, the early impreza is kinda about as basic as it gets.

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