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Ebay FMIC Reviews?


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Hi, after looking at numerous forums and threads i'm just after some reviews of eBay front mount intercooler kits, like this one -

 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150603977662?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT .

As so far iv'e only really found the people commenting on them to have never actually tried them and just regard them as cheap !Removed! without any genuine prior experience.

Iv'e gathered from peoples experiences online that the standard TMIC's on STI's are good for up to 350-400HP, that people suggest TMIC's potentially have more lag with the piping being longer, and that the crash bar and bumper require modification to fit.

I'm aware of all the usual FMIC-TMIC controversies. 

I just have some questions for the people who are actually running them:

1. Can the stock BOV be retained (is there an adaptor?), or does an aftermarket one need fitting?

2. Can the stock coolant expansion tank be retained? (as the Mishimoto kit supplies and replacement smaller unit so i'm assuming it fouls the piping)

3. Can the stock air intake box be retained? or does a shorter RAM style pod filter need to be fitted?

Any helpful information from anyone actually running a FMIC would be greatly appreciated, espeically if its a new-age. But again, any shared experience with these would be fantastic. Cheers in advance, Tom

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My old classic came with an umbranded(assume eBay) fmic. Fitment was terrible. Pipes felt stretched and bent at angles they didn't want to sit. It just wouldn't sit right. Clamps and joins were poorly designed and once even slipped apart. BOV needs adapting as standard is a different shape flange. The eBay units just have a round hole that you need a silicon join for. You can keep the old tank but some of the fitment issue is caused by it. A smaller tank or better designed pipework will help.

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you get a bit more lag with a FMIC , though unless running massive power you wont really notice 


its the silicone pipe that lets the cheap kits down, this is where you get issues, 


Depending on your budget a decent used one for about 300 quid is a good compromise, or stick a decent TMIC 

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Thanks for the input, i'm only really asking as my plan is to aim for around 280hp, but while i'm at it make it look like a GX model with the badge and non-turbo bonnet (bit of a sleeper), hence the need for a FMIC. i'll keep an eye out for a decent used one. Cheers again

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I ran a v3 classic sti tmic @ 330hp but it suffered with heatsoak and you could feel a noticeable drop in power on hot days . I could've gone for the newage sti tmic but I'm aiming for 400hp so I'm running a hdi fmic . The pipework fitted fine and didn't rub anywhere but I did have to bin the standard airbox for a cone filter and cut the back of the front bumper and lower "webs" of the front chassis legs to allow the pipework to fit .

Some have managed to retain the airbox with a bit of modification or flipping the core to reroute the fmic pipework.

I did consider getting a sport bonnet but decided I just love the scoop too much .

Here's a few brands that flow well that can be bought for under £300 second hand.

Hdi .


Hks .

Japspeed .

P.s as for the standard recirc valve it is difficult to retain the oe one due to it being mounted directly to the tmic from v5 onwards . But you can buy aftermarket recirc valves and plumb them in relatively easily with a fmic and a bit of silicone hose .

Best of luck [emoji106]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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I had a TOYO front mount on my Glanza V - the longest possible route and it worked just fine the installation was terrible, with some cutting/drilling/skimming, but eventually it was fitted nicely and the difference was quite noticeable. However on the rainy day there wasn't much of a difference and if you just enjoy spirited driving once a day, with ocassional boost you might as well keep your car standard. As front mount is really more like a track use or heavy spirited driving -)

And not I didn't have any lag, or it wasn't noticeable much, even though the route was about 10x times longer than the standard one.

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