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Hey Everyone,

I'm Just wondering if anyone is able to tell me what the most recent ECU Software Version Number would be.

Its a 2013 Diesel I have, not sure if all Diesel XVs would have the same ECU(?) Software.


I've got an OBD2 Cable and the FreeSSM software so I should be able to plug in and check against what mine is, it would be good if we could get a list of the latest software for our cars, so we can check that the dealers are updating them as they should be.



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Turns out FreeSSM v1.2.5 does not yet talk to the XV/Crosstrek so I've got no way of checking. :blush:

Yes Tidgy, I imagine this should be a free service that they do at service time, I'm just wanting to make sure it's been done, as I've not got the most confidence in the garage that I bought it from unfortunately.

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Hi Swayze88

I connected my OBDLink SX USB to my new XV 2.0D se prem 2016 model tonight.

It connects to my windows 10 laptop and I'm using the standard OBDwiz software that came with the multiprotocol  OBD-11 Scan Tool; which I bought bout a year ago from eBay.

It works great heres a couple of not very good screen pics. I'm not shure if the JF1GPDKZ3GG167911 OR JM4B001E in pic named obd2 first being Vehicle identification number and second Calibration id - are what your looking for.

But the above tool with software plugs straight in and shows any trouble codes with the option to clear them. It goes without saying that a cleared code will just come back if the cause isn't addressed and a fault persists, but I think a useful tool to talk to the Scooby's brain about it's heart anyway lol.

Also it would be great to have the ability to tell the car to run a forced DPF rejuvenation, potentially useful at some point down the line, but I have no idea if this will be possible with this scanner so far.









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