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Convoy to Japshow fianle from the south


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Thought i may aswell see if there is any interest in this

Im down in Hastings east sussex, Will be 2 of us coming from here up the A21 onto M25 then M1 .Only going on the sunday

Would be nice to go up as a group. Is anyone else coming from down this way and wanting/willing to meet up.

Will be leaving home around 6 am getting to M25 Dartford  around 715 then toddington services on the M1 around 815 am aiming to get to the Pod at 0900

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I'm aiming to get there for 830 which means leaving at 630 [emoji15] and travelling down the A14 but I normally pop into Cambridge services for a Mc breakfast on the way [emoji6]

So if anyone else is going the same route I'll be in a silver classic, stuffin my face and slurping coffee at Cambridge services about 730 [emoji106]

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there are 4 of us and we will be at dartford around 7am

Im going to have to stop for several reasons

1 im old and will need the loo

2. my car is too loud and my head will hurt

3. it burns fuel at an alarming rate and will need filling up

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