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big power! whats needed?


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So what would be needed for big power? I am trying to work some costs out for in around 3-4 years time, I know they will change slighty but thought I might get an idea.


What I am after is a 10.something quater mile.


I am thinking to achieve that around 650 BHP then it will be stripped out leaving 2 seats.


Any rough ideas on costs or what exactly will need doing that would be great! thanks

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You could probably buy the engine components and get the machine work done for 4k but that's if you build it yourself.

turbo , injectors and fuel system 2.5 k .

Clutch and drive train 3k .

Ecu and mapping 1.5 k

Brakes 1.5 k .

Pluck a figure outta the air for labour to build and fit everything probably another 6k

I wouldn't expect any change from 16k to buy most things new and get it all fitted .

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To be honest.... if you want to do drag racing the scoob isnt the package 

20k for a 650bhp car....... you can go and buy a decent R33 GTST for about 5..... another 4 and its pushing 400 easy..... 5 k gets it past 500....


friend of mine had his 700bhp one for sale for 10k 

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