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Show me your car seats


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Theres tons of really safe and modern looking seats out there that will do from new born all the way up until the wee one is old/tall enough to sit in the car without a seat, i would say look at greco or mamas and papas and i'm sure i seen recaro child seats somewhere which are  possibly the safest seats on the market also not sure how old ur scoob is but most seats now come with the isofix thing which is even safer, sorry i'm not much more help my two are older now so havnt needed a seat for a while but there are some cool designs out there :smile:

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Try and get one that does a couple of years, I'm about to buy my 3rd seat in as many years,

The misses wanted a 'travel system' had a maxi cosi infant seat that fitted onto the pram, only good till nine months old, we've had another maxi cosi 'tobi' for 18 months which had been great, easy to take cover off and clean etc, but that only goes up to 18kg or something. I'm now shopping for a 3rd one but that should do her till she's 12 as it has all manner of removable sides bolsters head rests etc.

The recaro ones are good but the newer ones don't have as good reviews for some reason,

Also beware of the seat/isofix as some of the younger seats you have to buy a separate isofix Base to use the seat !!

I don't have isofix in mine so only gone for the normal ones,

Also take what the 'experts' say in mother care with a pinch of salt they gave us poor advice tried to up sell on seats wich I thought was bang out of order due to it being a safety item (wanted me to go for a more expensive model as it fitted better) it didn't the one we chose was fine, they said none will fit in your car except xx brand.

Basically gain as much independent info as you can before making your choice, as they ain't cheap and are a pain in the !Removed! to lug around in and out of different cars,

So far I it's cost us about 350 quid for two seats and will probably be another 100- 150 for a final seat

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Don't get me wrong, safety is priority 1! Just wondered if anyone has come across a good looking SAFE seat that doesn't cost a small fortune! Lol I'd heard the same about the Recaro kids seats.

I'm not aware of a kiddicare near by, however there is a good chance I'm wrong, apparently it happens from time to time

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Bought one a couple of weeks ago for when we have our 5 month old grandson to transport around http://www.babycity.co.nz/maxi-cosi-vello-65-car-seat-black.html

Upper side of the range as far as price is concerned but you don't want to take short cuts with these. Easy to swap between the STi and the wife's Jeep Cherokee and uses ISOFIX points as well as the seat belt in the rear facing configuration. Has standard anchor mounts for when they are older and seat can face forwards.



He's obviously too young at the moment to utilise the drink bottle holders :laugh:

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