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Hi there :-)


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Hi guys, Just new to the forum and the owner of a 1996 Forester (purchased today!) i don't know much about it but it seems quick! I believe it to be an import as the indicators are on the right hand side of the steering wheel and the dash clocks are in Km's..! I would appreciate any advice on what to check...? Many thanks. Pete

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3 hours ago, stants said:

Hello & welcome ? Feel free to get involved were all friendly here,

What kind of info are you looking for ?

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Hi, thanks for the welcome guys :-) I am new to the world of the Forester having had mostly Impreza's before. I am after things like dial conversions kph to mph, what to check and watch out for (no service history at all but has had new cambelt done recently!) and what I can do myself to ensure she's running in tip top condition. Thanks again 

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Essentially all the advice & knowledge you've harvested from impreza ownership will apply to the foz,

Major differences are shocks & spring rates for the extra weight the foz carries over the impreza, and the exhaust is slightly different in the back section,

You could get a set of UK clocks from a breakers or just do what the people who did my mph conversion did and just stick some leccy tape over the 'k' on the clock [emoji23]

Rusty arches and fuel filler necks etc etc

Apart from that I'd change all fluids plugs filters etc for peace of mind.

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