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Last night a Subaru saved my life ...


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Hi all, Aaron, North Wales ...

Recently bought my first Japanese car ever, always fancied a Subaru, saw a 2012 Legacy SE 2.0D, drove it, loved it, bought it!

After 10 years in an LR Discovery TD5 it feels fast, very fast.

I reckon it really did save the life of myself and my partner too, I was doing around 80 overtaking on a motorway, so was in the middle lane, LWB van in front completely lost control and went swerving from the inside lane to the middle right in front of us, I stamped hard on the brakes, quick check in the mirror and out into the 3rd lane and accelerated away out of trouble.

If I'd done that in my Lanny, I reckon it would have been on it's roof or in the central reservation, something nasty certainly, it would have pitched and rolled all over the place, despite being well maintained and set up.

So, that's me still alive and happy enough with my new motor!



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