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Throttle Body Problem!


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My 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.0 GX Sport N/A has had a misfire for the last couple of months, it is worse when under load and if you put your foot down it splutters and it very juddery, worse at lower rpm. I have taken it to be looked at by a garage and he plugged his computer and he told me it is the throttle body, and that it needs replacing. I am trying to source one, but i am going by the code on the one currently on (RT60 3-70) but i cant find one either new or used with the same code. Will any throttle body from an EJ20 engine fit and work or does it need to have the same code as the one currently on? I assume my engine is the EJ20 anyway, i am fairly new to subaru's, so if you could also clarify this for me also..

Reg - GK55 XVJ

Model - Impreza 2.0 N/A GX Sport

Problem - Misfire at low RPM, sometimes a very rough idle & worse under load & the more you put your foot down.. Told throttle body at fault

It is a WRX STI REPLICA by the way.

I have included images of the car and code on the TB.

Thanks guys all help/advice/information VERY appreciated


tb code.jpg

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That may not be the part number it could be stamped on it or on a plate located somewhere else on the tb however i cant be sure as have never had any dealings with one but if its fooked you could take it off and see if there are other codes on it or take it to a local motor factors and see if they can identify it for you hopefully someone else will be along to shed some light on the situation :rolleyes:

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I don't know much about the na versions but the throttle body looks like it's cable operated in the pics ?

If thats the case ,there's not much to go wrong with that type of throttle body .double check what the codes were, as It might be the t.p.s that's faulty. (Throttle position sensor ) instead .

Have you changed the air filter recently or could it be something restricting/changing air flow into the engine?

If he's sure it's the throttle body, best bet would be to find a second hand one of the same year and model .

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