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Hello from Lapland (Kind of...)


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Hello all,

Just thought I would pop up and say hello having just bought a Type UK Prodrive Bugeye. Currently looking out for another one as we are using these cars on ice circuits in Northern Finland. I'm sure there are rules on advertising here so i'm not here to plug but just to say hello and to say I'm looking forward to getting into this project.

Will update this as we collect the cars but they are being converted into basic rally cars for our customers to use on the circuits this season so I'm sure I will be on here asking many stupid questions as the conversions take place over the next few weeks! These are never going to be entering rallies but will be caged, seats, harnesses and suspension (and obviously studded tyres) and I just thought some of you might find this interesting.

In the mean time if anyone has another Prodrive Type UK bug eye in blue for sale please let me know as we need two identical cars and this is proving harder than first thought!

For now, here is car one of two...



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11 hours ago, Tidgy said:



wouldn't a spec c be a better start?

Indeed a Spec C would be ideal but sadly we have to work within a set budget and they are harder to find.

With unlimited time and budget I'd be importing Spec C's but I've got to do what I can with the time and budget available.

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