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Newbie, but oldie


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Hi there, been reading for years, thought I'd finally join and contribute with my very limited knowledge. 😊 


I'm currently on my 3rd Scooby, my last 3 cars have been...


'04 GX Wagon, stock with stainless back box. 


'09 WRX Hatch, stock with stainless steel back box.


'14 STI Saloon, stock with...    Yup, getting it done Thurs, going stainless axle back with full muffler delete. Although I'm definitely not a boy racer, and never have been, (didn't have a car licence till I was 28) I seem to be lookin for the best balance of power, speed, handling, and practicality. So far the STI ticks all the boxes.


Finally, I have to say, some of the threads on here are ludicrously funny. 😂 



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Thanks for the welcome,


I'll make sure to take some pics while the exhaust's being done, tell him it's for you guys and see how he handles the pressure!



Stainless axle back, quad 3" staggered tips, he quoted around £200. Didn't think that was too bad. Not sure how that'll compare to a cat back, or even turbo back. I'll ask and see.


Was gonna go 3.5" tips, but went stock so it'll look the same but sound like a !Removed!... 😈


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