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Anyone know where and what they are called?


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Hi all I'm after a couple of errrm clips?

They are on a blobeye and they help hold the engine cover (underside). When I did an oil change - bolts all there, but a couple of the clip things broke and one missing. I'm not sure what they are called so i can get some. Can anyone help??


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5 hours ago, Sirspidey said:

Ahh I see. Been in there many times myself (used to be a car transporter driver). I'd like 5 or 6 (in case I lose any more) if poss. But please don't risk you job for a couple of pounds.

Nah, I've actually got some already at the house. Put them in your pockets when you're online and forget to empty them when you leave 😂 Send me a PM with your name/address 😊👍🏻

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On 12/17/2016 at 11:46 AM, KlassicSubi said:

Hi Guys,

A similar problem to Sirspidey.  I think I'm missing a grommet in each bonnet air vent. I have a 1999 UK 2000 GC8.

Currently noticed water in the battery tray.

should there be a grommet?

if yes, what happens with water build up if I was to seal it?



 Hmmm not sure. I haven't got grommets like that at my work I don't think? Ours are little rubber push in ones. Not sure if the sizing is right.

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