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now there is a question.... I dont know but I do know the STI has a larger wheel bearing - I dont know if this means also an internal diameter measurement?

Sound like a good project thread though :smile:

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I was looking at this before I bought my alloys. Still not sure of the answer but on this website might help you out. 


Thanks will have a look when a get home

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so done bit looking on web and found a firm in usa that do a conversion kit to change from 5-114 to 5-100 but I am after them the opposite way so have sent them a msg to see if they do that,firm is LIC motorsports


also on fastwrx.com they sell hubs and stuff so I have msg them to see if the 5-114 hub fits the wrx,just see if they reply now,if they say they do then can look see any available in uk,at worst would have to import theirs,but sure somewere in uk will sell them if they say they fit  http://www.fastwrx.com/products/subaru-rear-hub-2008-2014-wrx-sti

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