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What have you street raced and slaughtered?


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350z the other night

Loads of normal **** m3 vxr civic bla bla

I over took a lambo once on the m1 now they didnt strictly no we were racing but dont take that from me and my sti lambo killer 😂

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Friend of mine got rear ended , not too bad his hawk wrx needed a back bumper really , nothing else


insurance company went through his Facebook looking at his car ( couple vids of it on track and Santa pod ) said not paying out now , then a mutual friend of ours is a traffic officer warned him local plod giving him a knock , 2 days later 2 police officers on his door , need to see insurance ! He gave them copies turns out he didn't tell them of every mod , done him drivng without correct insurance , 6 points and a hefty fine 

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I was doing 29 on a normal road and an old man over took me in his skoda octavia diesel at 35mph... still angers me now the complete and utter disregard for the highway code

It still troubles me now the hooligan

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What a vandal.

You can always seem them coming with there flat peak hat on forwards

And they assume the driving position asif the steerimg wheel is a mountain and there peering over it with thier bottom lip slightly further pertruding that the top...

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12 hours ago, matt said:

Easy way to get banged up posting chav **** on social media 

police aren't stupid and prob reading this anyway 

Very true, too easy in this day to get pinged by sharing. To be fair getting insurance on modded cars has got easier and more realistic as the companies have realised (and algorithms have become more complex) that just because you mod a car / bike doesn't mean you are going to become an overnight risk so better to declare all, think it was @savage bulldogs who posted a few weeks back of cars being pulled along with a few hondas etc and the mods being checked against insurance database.... 

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