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Collect my 1st ever Subaru in 2 days!


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Hi, took a hundred mile trip yesterday to look at a 2014 WRX STI, instantly fell in love with it.

Hoping to collect it on Tuesday, with a part-ex of my civic type r (fn2).

Not only my first Subaru, but my first AWD and turbo!

First step I want to do is to research air oil separators as I believe they can help. No plans for modding at the moment, and even if I do it would be minimal (exhaust and remap).

Anyway, hi😀



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Thanks for the welcome. So far so good. The torque is brilliant!

@stants if money wasn't an issue (for this item at least!) is there a particular one you'd recommend? Ideally I want something that requires little to no involvement after it's been fitted😄.


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I'm not sure about the perrin &crawford ones as never used them, but they cost about 280 over here for the perrin unit, i've read the crawford ones are good but not ideal if your going on track, as the actual unit sits in place of the oil cap and drains back into the sump, (maybe best one for no involvement)?

The mishimoto ones are well made but you'll have to empty them once in while or add a return line to the sump

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