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Finally gone and bought an Impreza

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Hi guys, 

I've finally gone and done it I've put a deposit down on my first WRX. So I thought I'd have a look around here for tips, hints and general ideas etc.

It's an black 04 saloon 2 owners 89k Fsh and standard bar a stainless exhaust (two tail pipes to look like a standard pipe, that'll be coming off sharpish).

I'm part excited, part praying it doesn't come back to bite me in the !Removed!. To say the missus is unimpressed is an understatement. Although I am selling my bike to pay the car off so she should pipe down soon enough.

Hopefully I'll see some of you about. I'm planning on taking it to Wales for the WRC later in the year and anything that's on generally around Lincs.


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Hi. When I bought mine behind the missus back I told her it could of been worse, I could of bought a bike.. she still hit the rev limiter and won't go near it. Ha. Keep putting updates on, good luck. 

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8 minutes ago, GeoffLeggy said:


I played the practicality card with mine.  They soon settle down.  Hope you enjoy the forum.

PS Japfest is the end of April at Silverstone if your interested in a day out.  See the show section of the forum if you fancy it.


I tried the whole it's got isofix for my daughters car seat and the aircon/central locking works (unlike my 328) but the look on her face suggested I'd be better off changing the subject hehe.

Japfest sounds good, I'll see if I can get the weekend off.

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Picked it up tonight.

1st impressions.

It steers sweetly, corners level and sounds fantastic.

The Stereo is just about the worst in car I've ever heard.

Worryingly, I've noticed a bit of a whine in second when in slow traffic but all other gears seem quiet. (any advice?)

Is it best to run on super unleaded?



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Super unleaded mate tesco or Shell v power most of others are crap 

Imprezas are nowt for horrendous sound systems but fit 3" decatted system n there wont be any point having a sound system lol

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Welcome to the club! Glad your enjoying it. Mine has a slight wine to in 1st and 2nd when travelling slowly... from what I've read it's common and people complain on it on the new WRX STis as well. 

Tesco and Shell will be your new best friends! vpower and momentum 99 are the best fuels you can get. Tesco is higher octane I think (99) and shell is 98.7, but has better cleaning properties - either way both the best you can get.


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