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Outback auto diff in manual Spec B Legacy?


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Hi all

Just wondering - does anyone know if the rear diff from a 2008 3.0 automatic Outback would also fit a 2004 3.0 manual Legacy? According to Opposed Forces, my diff has a 3.545:1 final ratio. According to an eBay seller, their automatic Outback diff has a 3.3:1 ratio. If the seller is correct, which I'm not totally sure of, is the 0.2 difference in final ratio likely to make a noticeable difference?



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Hmm. Good question! I don't know what the ratio of the front diff is, and I was only thinking in terms of effect on the rear wheels of replacing the rear diff with one of a slightly different ratio...

<goes off to scratch head>

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aye diff was miss matching so rear wheels were going at different speed to fronts, quick diff swap and jobs a fish.

As far as the ratio being out it needs to be matched perfectly or you'll get issues that will destroy your diff.

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