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Knackered wheel bearing

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So I've had bearing whine for a while, had the garage check it out back in September but they couldn't narrow it down as there was no play in any of the wheels. Now it is significantly worse so once I'm back from my holiday I'm gonna get it fixed.

It started not long after my n/s front caliper siezed on so I assumed it would be that bearing. Noticed today that the noise goes away when i'm turning right, but remains when turning left. I would think that a bearing would stop being noisy when the load is reduced? It's entirely possible that it is another bearing and it was completely coincidental...

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23 minutes ago, mattiekane said:

I've got a noisy n/s/r bearing with no play, an play in n/s/f with no noise


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That sounds like a ballache...

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I fitted a new nsf on mine two years ago wasn't too bad, the old one was shot and sounded horrendous! Was embarrassing squeaking around everywhere, it was intermittent sometimes too so was misleading at first.

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Do them in pairs anyway. If ones gone, the other side won't be far behind. I did both my fronts last year with a fried who has an hydraulic press.


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