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Just thought I'd say hi since I've just signed up to the forum. I'm Dave from Thirsk.

I have just recently purchased a 2006 impreza STI type uk. More about the car as it was purchased: wr blue, 78k, fsh, 2 cambelt changes including one just done, 1 owner from new and completely original. 

Plans are to keep the car fairly standard. I've replaced the original STI back box with a genuine prodrive one as it was starting to look tired. Also fitted square plates, and partially debadged the rear. Also got a walbro 255 fuel pump and cosworth panel filter on order.

only other plans at the moment are a remap once the panel and new fuel pump are fitted and a set of good lowering springs.






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9 minutes ago, Rps said:

@mattiekane no wonder your an armchair salesman with the statements u making up


Its so comfy

Its well made

I dont touch the elderly👀 😂

And so on

@mattiekane @Rps just doing a test on how to use the tags, if this doesn't tag you I've f**ked up somewhere. 

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