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Forza Motorsport 7

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Sooooo, anyone getting the new Forza Motorsport 7? 

Have mine on pre-order, only thing that worries me is the 100GB initial download, probably means I won't get to play it for 3 days!

shall we try to set up a race night, get a few of us on perhaps once a month or fortnight and see if we can run a mini league? 

Of you're interested pop your name below, don't forget you PC monkeys can play with us Xboxers now too! 


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I transitioned over to pc now. I'll have a look at it but the last two forza haven't gone well with a wheel.


I didn't get bitten by f6 the same way as all previous iterations either. Hopefully they get rid of mods and leave that for horizon. Bring it back to the race game it used to be. Make forza great again.

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Two words - "Truck Racing" 

can you imagine half a dozen of us belting around in trucks. 700cars to choose from.

dynamic weather, the only thing that bothers me is that as the weather changes from dry to wet, there doesn't seem to be a need to change tyres.

ive transitioned too, I now use assists off and use clutch, only using TC on the more difficult cars to drive.

they say they've listened to a lot of what players have been saying with regards the racing, but we'll see

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I went full hog and use Oculus rift for dirt rally [emoji23]🤣


700 cars sounds interesting but is it gonna be 50 variations of LMP car [emoji848] I miss the GT days where even basic cars were available. I know there is some variety but feels much better tearing around in road car than LMP or GT3.


Truck racing is gonna be entertaining [emoji23]

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They're putting more "normal" cars in, all the cars from Forza Horizon will be there too. With 700 cars at launch, there should be something for everyone. 

Plus bodykits are making their way to Forza 7 and they come in two varients, street and race. So you can take a normal road car and say make it a touring car or a tuner. Should be good.

but wondered if a race meet once a month might suit some people, it's not too often for a couple of hours so we should be able to hook up.

@Gambit are you up for it?i don't mind running it

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2 hours ago, Scoobyghost said:

Don't have any "emmerdale" incidents anymore emoji23.png

I have no idea what that means?

I was thinking that on a given night we run a same class race with a standard Subaru that has some basic tuning (race brakes, suspension, gearbox and tyres) we put the tune up on Forza storefront and then you can paint your car up as you see fit but we all get the exactly same car as far as tuning, we rotate the model each race.

Then a second race which might be a PI limited car that you can choose, maybe still only Subaru? That's unlimited tuning up to whatever the agreed PI figure is.

and then a final race which will be class and type limited. So one week it'll be super trucks standard, no tuning. The next race might be town cars but unlimited tuning so we could be racing 1000hp fiat 500s. Or V8 transits vans another week, whatever we fancy. Kinda the silly race of the night.

you get most points for the first two races but a few extra "bonus" points for finishing well in that race.

all races on a given night will be on the same track. And we rotate the tracks each race night?

any thoughts?


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Emmerdale incident meaning she wants to watch TV and I want to ay xbox. I have my own little corner now.


Will we run in to tuning issues? I have tuned a lot where as some have never tuned. It could become unbalanced.


It's certainly something I'd like to get on. When is the release date?

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3rd October across all platforms.

well the only way around The tuning issue is either, we all use the same car and have to download a race tube that everyone uses, that needs a bit of trust. The other option is we use standard cars and no tuning. Or use a mixture of the two. Having lower power would make the racing closer. 

In theory anyway 

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Well I pre-ordered mine from Game at the price as pretty much everywhere else £79.99 but it comes with an exclusive to Game limited edition 1:43 scale Porsche which I recon I can eBay to recover some of my outlay.

I did the same with a console I paid and extra £20 for a halo one and it came with a dlc flaming helmet code which I sold for £45!! Then the console was faulty and they game me a new console and that came with another code and I sold that for £38.

hoping I'll do well with this exclusive limited run car


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