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In first case i'm sorry about my English , it isn't the best.

So there are a 2003 Blobeye WRX. New in the family. I have problem with the ABS light. 

Im just put the car to ignition and the Check Engine + ABS lamps are lighting. If i start the engine --> shift to the 1 gear --> the car starts to move --> the lights are goes OFF from the dash. BUT sometimes they are not leave me alone and stay, just lighting until i drive. If i do Ign Off - On after it, the lights goes OFF again. When driving there are no problem with abs or anything its error-free. When i bought it, the previous owner said that he were at subaru service center and the diagnostic is not showed any problem.

Mods on the car, the speedometer cluster changed to STI one (mph) , the originally wrx was km/h. There are a full HKS exhaust system under the car from the start to the end, with afterburner system. Middle console was changed for STI too. Oil and boost meter installed too in the car.

I was read some stories about the wrong subaru ABS, pedal falls, system failures, car crashes etc... Im a little bit afraid is an evolving problem in my car. This is the cause why i wrote here, maybe someone met with this problem and can help me in the repair (or can calm me down). 

Thanks :)


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I think the abs light has to be on for the diagnostics to give you a code, even when the light is on you should still have brakes just the abs won't be operational, you could buy a code reader off of eBay and plug it into the eobd plug when the warning lights are on and that should give you the codes and a internet search of the codes should tell you whats wrong, by the sounds of it you could have a sensor on the way out or an intermitant wiring fault 

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6 hours ago, Mark D said:

So you are talking about ONLY the abs light?

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yes , its lighting with check engine together and i dont know why, because no problem with the car (i hope). if the abs light goes off the check engine off too.

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I have an impreza classic, and since buying the car my ABS  light has been on... Funny enough it was not the sensor. Take a look at your ABS module in the engine bay as mine 

had been disconnected for reasons i dont know it might just need pushing in as mine did.

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