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There's a forum for everything isn't there? I've lost count of the amount I've joined..

So I was looking for a 4 wheel drive estate: Audi Allroad (overpriced) Volvo XC70 (too old manish), Skoda (too Skoda) Jaguar X-type (see Volvo) etc.

Then came upon reviews for the Outback and magically all the boxes were ticked. I bought a 2009 one with low mileage and a FMDSH a few weeks a go and love it - the sound from that boxer engine, the handling, the look and feel plus i did a bit of grassy/muddy field crossing with it yesterday without a blip.

I have only one question thats bugging me - The sound system has an AUX function, but the AUX socket that should be in the armrest box is blank. Can I retrofit this or does it mean a load of hassle? (Nobody has CD's anymore...) 


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hi, the socket and cabling kit back to the HU are like rockin' horse sh*t now...(and way over £100 if you can source overseas )and the Aux button only responds if summat is plugged in...

i managed to find a socket in USA  and got a scooby guy from glasgow to make me a harness  so i can retrofit..

alternative hacks include putting the 3.5mm in the "ashtray" next to the 12v outlet. (less cable)

others have substituted a new all singing HU or an aftermarket kit that uses the CD input to power an aux socket....(assuming you don't play CD's anymore)

 cheapest option to access your toons is FM transmitter ......i'm sure others here will advise..:smile:

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Those FM transmitters aren't really much cop, sorry to say and you'll have problems using them in a Subaru too. I had one a couple of years ago for use in my Citroën Xantia and the quality of reception by the car radio was poor, even though the Citroën's aerial was mounted above the interior mirror, quite close to the FM transmitter on the dashboard. My Forester's aerial is mounted towards the rear of the car (as are most modern aerials) so I suspect the performance of the set up would be even poorer. 

It shouldn't be too hard far a half-way decent auto electrician to run a coaxial lead from the back to the audio unit, underneath the trim to the rear of the panel. My Forester came fitted with the "aux" plug and it's very useful, as I leave my i-phone connected through it, charging my phone from the power socket simultaneously-voila! Alternatively you could remove the entire Subaru system & substitute a high end JVC or equivalent, with numerous extra input connections, but this might be a bit pricey!

As to still using Cds, I've loads, mostly radio dramas, useful for listening to on long motorway runs! 

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