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Why is this site so difficult to navigate !!!

Why can i not just find parts for sale or cars for sale or model questions without having to go through google ADs ? 


I have been a member for a year now and the only great feature of being a member is the Halfords Card !

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Thanks for the advice Didier but when i want to search for posts/Info on my particular model i cant seem to get there without trolling through reams of posts about drive shaft upgrades for a 1999 classic. some of the threads are going back to 2015  which may be useful to some but after 20 years of ownership of 4 different model years it is a tad frustrating. Take a look at piston heads and the categories are simple and direct you to brand and model year with little effort. Perhaps a mod can help me better navigate. Just a grumble but i do want to support this site. My two penneth.

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Our apologies for the late response.

We have discussed breaking the forum down into more dedicated sections for each model but believe that this would be extremely difficult and could lead to many broken threads. 
However, we are constantly looking to improve the site on an ongoing basis (new front end, news and video sections have just been introduced as well as shifting the site over to 'https' for added security) and will hopefully keep introducing new aspects to improve the overall user experience.

With regards to the search facilities. Not sure if you have tried this to enhance the search but if you click on 'Advanced Search' in the search bar, top right of the page and it brings up further search options....may be useful to find what you're looking for?

Screenshot (1).png

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