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Andrew Mowgli

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i m wanting to fit oil temp and pressure guage to my car, so i know when its up to temp before using it properly, im not 100% keen on the idea of pillar pods or pods on top of the dash, is there anyway to run them to a double din screen, or fit a single din radio and have the guages in the other space? ive seen toucan but that is pretty pricey from what ive seen. and i assume the sensor fitted to the oil filter is not the advised method of sensor placing and rather to go into the plug under the intercooler? any advice on it would be much appreciated

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I'd definitely fit the oil temp sensor in the bung above cyl 3 under the tmic . As cyl 3 is the hotest cylinder (best max oil temp reading) and the sandwich plate type , takes it's oil temp reading from outside the engine near the oil cooler .

I've been running a 4 in 1 gauge for over 5 yrs in my v1sti but will soon be swapping for Defis.,It's only 60mm dia so doesn't look too big imo and can be mounted wherever you prefer .

In the v7 sti I have a ATI triple gauge pod ,which is a lot bigger but is made bespoke to fit in the top of the dash .

You can buy covers /pods that fit in place of air vents or attach to the steering column ECT from the likes of "east coast flocking " on f.b .

Only 2 pics I've got off the gauges in my two scoobs on my phone .


Screenshot_20190407-114337_Samsung Internet.jpg

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