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Looking at buying an Impreza STI Hawkeye this weekend.

Have spoken to Adrian Flux and they have come up with a quote of £1,600!

This seems way too much when I have actually been offered £800 from Admiral and £550 from esure. Only doing around 3,000 miles per year. I have also included all modifications from the quotes given.

Adrian Flux have said that they were surprised that the quotes from the competitors were so low.

Has anyone also experienced this with Adrian Flux and ended going with someone else?

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1 hour ago, Andres93 said:

No luck with SKY either. Being 26 and with only 1 year NCB (damn company cars) means they will not take me in due to lack of experience. 

Ah fair enough - they are a bit sensitive with power steps between motors

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Wow £1600, how many accidents or points have you had?

When I first bought my totally standard WRX (4 years ago) Adrian flux and Keith Michaels both said come back after you have had the car a year as long as you don't have an accident etc. I am 48 years old and have full no claims bonus. I insured it Esure at £670 for first year. I went back to Adrian Flux and now pay £500 a year (now with mods included). I live in a town center so my postcode is a real killer.

Hope it is a 2006 model else it is another £530 or so for a years road tax. Now that really hurts considering the state of the roads and I only do 5k miles a year. 

So that is my story if that helps.


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