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No. I have virtually many times in Sims. In a sim I know the track like the back of my hand. I could not finish the post as the page crashed. I was going say cool and not a bad time.  Is the time gantry to gantry or the full course?

It is on my bucket list. Never had a car worthy until now.

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On 8/21/2019 at 8:29 PM, Impreza abuser said:

Bridge to Gantry

I can do a 7 min lap on the boys X box but that doesn't give feedback on grip and undulations lol

I can do 6:05 in Ferrari Evo XXXX thingy on Assetto Corsa with wheel and pedals lol. It is capable of sub 5.40 i think. Bridge to Gantry. When i do it for real I guess I will be Shxting bricks and just pxussy it. Bet real life is nothing like the sim unfortunately.

Nice shiny new bits i likey

Jez cannot say the P word that is a bit much I might be talking about my cat.

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13 hours ago, ROSSCOSM said:

I dont know much about coilovers whats the advantage of these ones if you dont mind my asking? 

+1. Are they any good for a daily driver on UK roads? I am old and like a bit of comfort.

While I am at it anyone got/used Pedders stuff, are they any good?

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I looked at Pedders but didn't come with the rear adjustable pillow ball mounts, just fixed.

Advantages over standard shocks are

1. You can alter the ride height of the car

2. You can adjust the rebound (the rate the shock absorber returns to its extended length.

3. You can make the suspension stiffer or more comfortable by compresing the spring with the adjustable spring platforms.


So yes depending on how you set them up and with the weight of spring yu use you can get them more comfortable than OE shocks and have the adjustment to stiffen them up for fast road/track use where as the standard Scooby suspension unit is fixed. Fixed spring rate, fixed rebound and fixed ride height.

Hope that helps

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