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Up pipe and down pipe

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Hi Everyone 

Im just looking for some advice on what up pipe and down pipe you would all go with that doesn't cost the earth?

Ive only just bought my 2005 WRX wagon PPP and thought this to be a good first mod before I remap.

Any advice would be appreciated 


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Sti up pipe since it’s catless and looks standard and I already have a cobra sports cat down pipe but that’s not cheap. Since you already have ppp you could get a decat down pipe which is a lot cheaper. Not sure if you’d pass emissions with just the secondary sports cat. Great choice before map but you will feel a difference.

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Right **** so there is cat in the headers and up pipe!! I might have a look for some sti headers then and an up pipe I dont really want any cats apart from the one in the exhaust after the down pipe. No wonder it's so sluggish 

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Aye sandals your spot on there just looked it up no cats in headers. That’s actually great to know cause I was planning swapping up pipe and headers for Sti counterparts. Funny who the wrx has a pre cat and yet costs the same on tax so why is it there 🤔

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3 hours ago, Siluro said:

How does 2007 Hawkeye WRX work, is that the same. What cat can be removed without MOT failure if any. Can any be removed without a map?

As far as I’m aware mate you don’t have cat in uppipe. None essential unless it’s replace with a sports cat like cobra/ Prodrive and I think it still needs mapped.

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