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Sigma m30 unit

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Hi I am a new member looking for advice, hope someone can help.

my 04 Subaru alarm system has shut my car down and I cannot find anyone willing to help.

to help I have had my keys checked and the transponders are giving a signal out.But will not open the car.When I use my key to get in I have no alarm going off, I then turn the key and the dash will illuminate as normal but the car will not start.

Iam struggling to find a auto electrician interested to take a look or even tell me what to do so I hope a fellow Subaru drive may have had the same problems and may be able to help...

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Do you have the pin code ?

What is the alarm LED doing with ignition turned all way on and alarm fob pressed .

Good news is alarm is pretty easy bypass or module swapped out for used units sold with remotes .

M30 alarm is well known alarm unit so surprised no professionals locally helping ...

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yes I have the pin code.

when I turn the key in ignition all the alarm is off as normal.

can these units be reprogrammed in car or does it need replacing?

i can only find units on eBay with no keys supplied can I buy a new unit from somewhere as a direct replacement . Or is the bypass a easier option ?


i think the unit is behind the steering wheel ...

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Bypass is the easiest, if want do it DIY you can even buy a bypass plug you attach to alarm harness.

If want buy used unit always buy with at least 1 working remote or a pin code . as then you can simply plug in alarm module and add your remotes in and reset pin easily (instructions/manual linked on here a hundred times) .

First thing you need be sure is sigma alarm module bad rather than power/grounds to module or your actual no start is not down to skim key transponder chip and ecu immobiliser module as that separate to the sigma immobiliser/alarm or perhaps even some other electrical issue .

If alarm not responding to arm/disarm, shows no status via blinking alarm LED or no life using pin code then it first area to look at, ideally power/grounds and obvious visual checks need doing rather than just shooting parts at it but sigma module issues not uncommon .

Buying used with key or code makes it cheap and quick fix for someone up to speed on the alarm or does homework on it first .

As mentioned above any recent reasons or other symptoms with car recently need be mentioned as might help jump to a more direct diagnosis/fix route .

I lost count on how many modules we swapped out our replaced relays on the board .
Swapping out and programming in key fobs and resetting a pin code is quick fix, we do that in hours labour charge, cheaper than a nice tidy bypass or messing with alarm board generally .


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I know this sounds daft but have you tried pressing the button on tour key when the ignition is on? I sh at myself when i first got mine cause I didnt know if you dont turn on the engine within 10 seconds of unlocking I had to press the lock button on the key.

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6 minutes ago, ROSSCOSM said:

Haha really thats hilarious cant believe the dealer didn't even know 

Put this way my car is never going to this Subaru dealership ever again. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They did not treat my Scooby very well. They paid for it though.

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Unfortunately some clown drove into me and I took it there for the panel repairs (covered by 3rd party insurance). While it was there I thought would get them to do a few simple things, big mistake. They are absolutely clueless. dash cam rescued me with the crash and filmed the dealership clowns doing everything very badly. Even caught them treating other cars in their workshop very badly, and then there was the test drive just to top it off. I made them squirm.

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