SOLD - JDM Impreza WRX Wagon for sale

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I am reluctantly selling my rare, pampered JDM Hawkeye import. Here are the details:


- 250bhp, short ratio gearbox, higher revving EJ20 2.0L engine (not the more fragile 2.5L on UK Hawks)
- WR blue
- Imported July 2019 by Quay Vehicle Solutions with all correct documents, including export certificate; one UK owner
- Incredible condition inside and out for the age and mileage; it has had a pampered life. The underside of the car is in timewarp condition (see photos)
- 63,600 miles (this will increase very slightly over the coming weeks).
- MOT until 08 July 2020
- Cambelt changed at Subaru main dealer 25 July 2019 (with invoice to prove)
- Full, detailed under-seal by Subaru specialist (Scoobybits) 13-15 August 2019 with trim removed where possible and all cavities/box sections protected.
- Serviced and inspected at Subaru specialist (Scoobybits) 15 August 2019
- factory upgraded red ‘Subaru’ embossed calliper option
- Factory rear privacy glass
- Factory HID headlights - very bright
- UK OE spec Bridgestone tyres all round
- Power folding mirrors
- New Sony AX1005DB touch screen double-din head unit with Apple CarPlay.
- Reversing camera
- PLG lower road tax band (£265 in 2019) - significantly less than equivalent UK Hawkeye model
- No modifications.
- Space-saver spare wheel and jack
- Aircon blows ice cold
- Always kept in dry garage overnight

The only negatives are paint fade on the rear roof spoiler and a tiny ding in the rear nearside door. I have history and documentation from Japan but this is not translated. The condition and recent UK maintenance of the car should speak for itself. I welcome and encourage any form of inspection. I highly doubt there are many new-age Imprezas in the UK in comparable condition. I am selling because my car needs have changed and I have already bought something big, barge-like and boring. Please note that the car is in Cornwall. I am happy to meet potential buyers at Newquay airport or Bodmin or Exeter rail stations.

Asking price is £7450 but I am open to sensible offers. Contact me on tonywilson@gmx.net or 07905 204171imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5











13u1_engine bay.jpg



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Wow that is a nice looking example. Do not think I have seen I Hawkeye Wagon in the UK. Your right there will not be many like that but you will be surprised.

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@Flotsam if you are still around the forum, how did you find owning this - did it have the 'subaru burble' or was it twinscroll?

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Just browsing this site and saw this,Then I realised that’s my car,yes I’m the new owner,Done a px with my blob wagon which I got off of Quay about 6 years ago,so far I’ve put Tein lowered springs which has dropped the car about 2.5 cms,It sits just right,Nice and subtle,I’ve put the correct fogs on it and got the fog in the main rear light working as a fog,I’m waiting for a 4 inch scoop to come which is made for the hawk and I’ve got the middle tailgate spoiler to go on when the scoop arrives also looking for a front splitter that will fit as the wagon ones are different due to bumper issues I was told and thinking about the Zunsport metal grill set,I’m waiting on my Rotas to come this week which are 18 s then down to mates garage for 4 wheel alignment,Probably will uprated the anti-roll bars next,gearbox has a slight whine but not concerned just yet,very lively car and keeping engine stock as I’ve got a blob sti ppp and that is a totally different animal,oh yeah I put a Hayward and Scott back box on it and now it’s got a nice subtle burble

noticed the osf window has dropped but my mate said he thinks they are like the bmw windows that drop slightly as you open the door,anyone throw some light on this,also the fog light switch is a pulse and can’t use the original scoob switch anyone throw some light on this

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Well,I was right about the window,it has dropped a bit,my new Rotas have arrived,My  new Scoop has arrived so just looking for a front splitter that will fit the wagon which I’m having painted same as car then in the paint shop

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