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Bleeding brakes


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Years ago I had a kit Car, MK Indy that I bought off an engineer who built it. 650KG with 160 bhp 2.0 Pinto. Anyway it had Ford Sierra rear calipers on it. What I did not realise at the time that they were mounted on the car upside down, who would have thought. I know I should've noticed the bleed nipple being at bottom but hey. I cannot tell you how much fluid I pumped through the damn things before I realised, cost me a fortune. Bought bleeding kit as I could not ask my mate to pump the pedal again, etc...... This was over 3 different attempts over 3 different days, so I spent a few hours on this. In the end once I realised, I had to unbolt the calipers, turn upside down, then bleed and bolt back on.

Not helpful I know but you cannot do any worse than this. I thought I share anyway.

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If you don't bleed the fronts first you run the risk of trying to bleed a bubble from front to rear which uses more fluid and is fine if you are doing a flush but for taht reason I always do fronts first

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