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Brakes Binding or Seized Caliper?


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Hi all,

My '09 diesel hatch has developed a squeak/chirp around the midpoint of a journey.

At first I disregarded the brakes as the pads and discs are relatively new and a cursory inspection showed nothing strange.

However this morning, I thought I would pop the handbrake whilst doing 20mph (my MGF is prone to seized calipers and this normally shakes off the rust) and this temporarily stopped the squeak.

Does this generation suffer with seized calipers and are there rebuild kits available?


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Rear brakes are annoying as fook, mine has slightly sticky hand brake shoes so need to get the rears stripped down and cleaned out, quick pull on the HB as you set off and a clunk and can tell they are free'd

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Few things you can do to help your calipers last the life of the car.

During winter make sure when you wash the car you give the brakes a good splosh too, keep some of the salt off, and when the salt is gone in spring its time for a full underbody wash, and then take all the pads out clean and inspect them, clean the calipers carefully and 'exercise' the pistons in and out a few times so they are free moving.

Do not use coppaslip for lubing (its ok to use where metal to metal rubbing sets up that horrible squeal) get some of the proper red brake grease, a litre can will last you a lifetime for about £11 if my memory serves, lube the sliders with it and anything else that is likely to come into contact with rubber, it won't affect rubber but coppaslip will over time, its ok to carefully peel the dust seal of the piston back to check for corrosion starting.

Worth removing any anti rattle stainless spring clips that hold the pads in place in the caliper, clean under these with chisel and wire brush and refit the spring clip.

Whilst doing this i also give a coat of black paint to the rear drums and any non friction area parts of the discs, also the calipers if they are starting to look a bit scabby.

If you do this clean inspect lube routine at least every other spring, though preferably every year, your brakes will never seize and your calipers will see you out, and best to do this yourself unless you have a proper mechanic to entrust the work to, at most main dealers their idea of brake servicing is to peer at the things and squirt brake cleaner fluid at them, useless.

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