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New to the forum and to Subarus


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Hi,  just purchased this so thought I would pop in and say hello.

Been trying to find a decent white one for about 2 months now and this morning at 0530 I got an email saying this had just shown up.  Should be picking it up around April.  Just in time for the long summer nights.






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Wotcha and welcome - Do like the Blob wagons, best combination of wagon front and rear design, classic and hawk always looked a bit narrow and straight for the slightly rounded rear IMO 👍

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Went on auction this morning so just waiting on shipping now.  

I dont even know where to start mod wise, it needs a new steering wheel though and the dash is slightly bubbled.  Where would be a good place to get replacement parts?

I very nearly did get a hawk, it did look nice but every time I saw a blobeye I re thought the whole thing.  Blobs are definitely the nicest looking front I think.

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15 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

Importcarparts is good for new parts. failing that try some of the tuners/breakers.


Personaly i would want it mapped for uk fuela dn dyno'd to make sure all is ok before drivign it hard

Would the fuel be that much different?  I would be wanting it mapped anyway so I know what sort of power it has and find out anything that has been done that isn't apparent.

I'll check out that site, cheers.  Breakers seem harder and harder to come by nowadays

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