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I'm working on getting it running right and bring it back to life.

Run it to some issues, irratic idle, leaking phase 1 injectors, suspension issues, Speedo not working. 


So working throught its slowly and trying not the let the Mrs know





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Thanks guys.

Has anyone had an issue removing the mechanical speedo cable from the gearbox. The plastic nut disintegrated when I showed it the spanner. Any ideas how to remove it with out dropping anything in the box?





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If you need more room to get at the speedo drive ?

Could try removing the engine /gearbox stabilizer (dog bone mount on gearbox to bulkhead) supporting the gearbox cradle and undo the bolts ,then lowering the gearbox on a jack to tilt the engine and box .

Tbh I don't know if this will give any better access but thought it was worth a mention. 

Otherwise buy some gearbox oil and prop/front driveshaft seals, downpipe gaskets and drop the box . 

If you can't get all of the old speedo out you'll either have to strip the box down to remove it or replace the box 😏

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