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2015 wrx sti won’t start

Robert kennedy

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Long shot...., but try this out.

Make sure you got voltage in the Battery. Then disconnect the wires at the alternator. 

Try starting it. 

If it starts then the alternator's bad. Sometimes the alternator can appear to be operating properly but it can send a disruptive signal to the camshaft sensors that can cause a no start issue. 

Worth a try🤔

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Usual diagnostic flow would be....

1. Is it turning over ok? Too slow=battery, dodgy starter, dodgy earth, something siezed. Too fast=no compression, snapped timing belt. Flashy lights=immobiliser?

2. Is it getting a spark? You need sparks and fuel. If you check for fuel 1st and you are getting fuel you need to clean it up. If you drop the spark plug you dont spill electricity everywhere! Fuel pump noise isnt good enough because you dont know if its pumping it out, you dont know if the ecu is opening the injectors.

Now you have established the basics you can check for fault codes, check alternator output, check fuses, check timing, check for gypsy curses/demons etc.

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