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New member. K reg impreza.


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Hey. New member here, just after some information on a car. My old man has an impreza. He bought it in the early 00's. It's a k reg 1992 Impreza wrx my93, the code on the plate is GC8A48D. The car is an import, was first registered in the UK in 2003. I am thinking that this is quite a rare car as I cannot find any other online for sale. If im not mistaken, the first imprezas were made in 1992? The car is standard other than the alloys and exhaust. Still has the flare in the passenger footwell and dealer stickers on the boot. 

Can anyone give me some background info on this car. Thanks. 

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Welcome, I also have a 92 k reg with the same model code, they are the first edition impreza also referred to as v1 or version 1, they come with a closed deck engine block from factory which is stronger than the later open deck block, my car has alloy front bottom arm's which are also on the sti version however I'm not sure if they come as standard from new or not, I also have an alloy bonnet and there's not a lot of sound proofing in the car, you are right though there are not many left on the road here in the UK most of them are just getting broken for spares now which is a real shame but I suppose it makes cars like ours even more rare and hopefully in time more sought after 👍

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Always nice to see another v1 , some pics would be nice 😉


Ally bonnet and front wishbones were factory fitted on all jdm v1's , the uk /euro spec had steel ones .

What sort of info are you after ?

The early imprezas are starting to go up fairly quickly atm , due to being eligible for U.S import laws (25yrs old+) . 

So if you eventually intend on selling it ,keep it as original as possible to retain a higher resale value 😉

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Thanks for the replies. I'm glad my old man didn't decide to sell it off cheap then. 

I'll get some pics over the next few days. Will try and get her fired up and running. He said the fuel pump has packed up. Will need a set of brakes and a body repair on the boot (corroded on lower part). 

Definitely worth keeping original. 

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If it's not been started for a few years ,I'd recommend at least a oil change and ideally checking the cambelt condition before trying to start it .

make sure you pull the crank sensor off (so it doesn't start ) and spin the engine over to prime the oil system before first start up .

Plug crank sensor back in , cross your fingers and see if it starts .

If it's just the bootlid that's corroded any 92 to 99 will fit , so it's just the case of finding one with the same colour code .

As for pumps any classic 92 to 99 pump will fit into the in tank fuel pump cradle . Yet again if it's been sitting years , drain the tank ,put some fresh 99 ron in , change pump and fuel filter before starting. 


Best of luck n keep us posted 

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