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upgrade turbo


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Depends what your plans are, be aware the 2.5 isnt the most robust engine so you will only be able to ahcieve 300 ish before your pushing the limit.

A turbo from an sti (non twin scroll) will be a nice upgrade, but bear in mind above and you may need supporting mods, plus it will need mapping for the turbo.

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A vf48 will get you 330 - Its standard on the STi and I have got one running at 350 with minor changes:

Cosworth Panel filter

HKS Up pipe

Cobra decat & full exhaust system.

Standard STI intercooler and standard injector size (550)


Feedback from TDR Warwick when they did the tune was there is more to come as breathing very well but the internals are standard so did not want to take it past 350 before forged pistons etc 

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