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What to do with my 1999 Subaru Classic...

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Hi all, I'm new to SOC but have had my classic now for 7 years or so & love her to bits!  

Over that time I've changed jobs a lot, so she’s been used for local commuting, long distance commuting and just weekend driving when I've worked from home.

She had the PPP (Prodrive Performance Pack) fitted from new but has been otherwise left completely standard since she left the factory (outputting a modest but fun 240 BHP).  She has the obvious rust in the wheel arches, but for a 22-year-old car on around 130k miles she’s in pretty good condition. 

I'm now at a point where I don't know what to do with her and am looking for some guidance.  What I'd really like to do is fully restore her to show room condition and then keep in a garage, using her occasionally through the summer months etc., but my finances don't really cater for that just yet, plus I don't have a garage at home. 

I presently work from home, so she's hardly used and just sat on the drive, to the point where taxing and insuring even seems like a waste of money.  I could sell, but don't think I could bear to see her leave.  I have an offer of an empty garage 20 miles from where I live, but I’m worried she’ll just slowly rust away and get forgotten. 

She’s not a P1 or RB5, so I know her value now or in the future, won’t be in those kind of lofty regions, but does this shape, the standard aspaect or even the PPP make her a collectable for the future?  If so, then maybe I try to preserve as best as possible, and keep standard to maybe fully restore.  If not, then maybe I start tuning her up and get closer to the STI power output and just continue to have fun with her for as long as possible?

Thanks for reading!

2000 WRX.jpg

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Hi - From the picture your car looks in top condition and with the benefit of long term ownership you know the car. I dont know what the garage would cost you but if you have a drive I would invest in a decent car cover that wont damage the paint work in the wind and is breathable so condensation does not build up. Also a decent Battery charger that will 'maintain ' the Battery not just charge it.

Consider some axle stands to get the wheels off the ground or so you can remove the wheels all together.

This way you can take your time checking for rust coming under arches with no access issues, spray waxoil etc.

This then takes the pressure off the 'what do I do?' and certainly means you wont forget the motor.

The move to STI power has been done and is certainly achievable but do you actually want / need more power for the driving you do or for you to enjoy the car more?

My personal opinion would be to keep it as is but well maintained for occasional use (you can get daily insurance easily now)

The engine will have to be run every so often to stop the seals drying up and leaks starting when you do use the car again.


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Hi there


As above  really, I would get it up on some stands and look for more serious rot in the rear, if it doesn't owe you any money, and it sounds like it doesn't,  then you can get to work restoring it, sure you will enjoy it, and not feel.any pressure 🙂

I've just bought a 99 uk car and am planning on doing this with it, maybe we can help each other out with stuff as we go along 👍

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I’ve got a 2000 uk turbo with the plans on restoring it to new driving condition changing all bushes, suspension and stripping parts and repainting etc then getting it to PPP level, it won’t be showroom but my aim was to make it last, to cut a massive story short I too had the option of a garage and I took it, but by doing so it became a chore getting to it in free time to continue the work so it slipped by the wayside. Now been sat a couple of years! 

Now I have the time to attempt it again with it been sat it’s more of a dread to touch it. If I get the back end rebuilt and by some grace get it started I will be trying to get it on my driveway under a cover to work on more conveniently so it’s not left again.


Garaging was the biggest mistake for me. On the bright side it’s atleast been fully protected from the elements.

Looks a nice car be a shame to waste it, restore it but keep it close.

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Thanks everyone, seems like the general consensus is to not put it in the garage, which I think I'm coming to the conclusion of myself. MoT soon, so I guess that will help me decide. I'd rather have it close by too!

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On 7/3/2021 at 10:32 PM, AJs Scooby said:

hello unfortunately im not able to give any advice but i do have the same car as u so i thought we can help eachother out and nimpy.

As in PPP? 

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A lot of uk cars have either rusted away , been crashed or modded to death . So a relatively standard uk with ppp and low owners will probably fetch decent money in a few years .

Just look at the likes of the mcrae or catalunya uk versions , most thought they were lesser cars than jdm WRX's but due to tin worm the rarity has increased and they fetch good money .

As for not having a garage , I understand it isn't ideal but I've managed with just a hardstanding in the back garden and use the kitchen table for engine builds 😉

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Hi. I say keep it close and chip away at it little by little. I have a Uk 2000 turbo too. It’s a 1999 in the same royal silver 792. I’ve just recently had a cam belt kit and new radiator put in it and an extra fan put in and wired up (non air con model) next year it’s going in for it’s rear arches to be sorted, repainted where needed and under sealed. That’s only because now I can afford to do it. Till now I’ve just worked on it when I can with what I could afford at the time. It’s had a new rear seal, new oil separator plate, new clutch, radiator hoses, I’ve sorted the rust underneath, new wheel bearings and carriers, track rod ends, ball joints, abs exciter rings (very expensive) and brakes. Both front and back bumpers off and new bumper mounts put on, new number plate lights and brackets at the back, new fog light brackets at the front with all new clips where necessary. Genuine stuff isn’t cheap but it’s how I wanted to do it. Some of the part numbers were really hard to find but they still stock them. This Wednesday it’s new alarm and immobiliser day. It’s a labour of love. 





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Wow !!
One of my favorite cars.
I had such a 2000 year turbocharged manual engine
I invested over 150,000 NIS in additions of a turbocharger, a special braking system and in addition a start-up from the cell phone, for those who have had it, they know which special vehicle it is.
I wish I had an option to help you with your issue.


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