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99 UK Turbo 2k


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Hi all

Thought I should start a project thread,  as posted in the impreza section I bought a uk turbo 2k at the beginning of May. She seems pretty straight,  been on the ramps ar TRD, and the only rot on the underside is on bolt on components, I plan to get them powder coated when funds allow, as a stop gap I've painted taken a wire brush to them and painted with engine oil, not ideal, but it will do for a bit.

She only has 63k on the clock, got the old MOT'S and loads of paperwork, she has had a lot of money spent on her, that's for sure.

Sorry, Initially this is just bits and bobs from the impreza thread, but it seemed the right place to post as I plan on doing more , once the body is sorted bit more power,  but all mods need to be removable to keep the originality of the car.





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It has a bit of rust starting in the inner rear wing on the passenger side, body shop is primed to deal with this once they have shifted some work. An Inspection revealed that the driver side has already been repaired, though I am going to get them to check that side over too.






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Small job done, replaced a previous owners Battery holder bodge with a proper holder, it came with the car. All I had to do was buy new rods, the previous bodge was...interesting 😆

A strap, tied to a bent screw







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As the plugs and leads hadn't been changed, decided to do that today,  and clean the green panel filter that's already in there. All successful,  she fires up , though the check engine light is on, I am putting that down to the maf not being reconnected yet as the filter need to dry, I thought a VR6 was a ****** to work on until this 😀








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After the 1500 mile holiday trip,  I decided that not having a working power point to charge phones was just to annoying,  so today took the dash apart tp reattach the wire .




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Finally got round to doing something on the car. Got it in the air on stands and started to look for the the rot I saw in the boot on the outside. It doesn't seem as bad as I thought. Bodyshop can't take it until next March, so in the meantime I started cleaning it off in prep for some waxoyl, just to help while it is parked up over winter. Also had a look at the underside, it looks OK, not too bad at all, structure is sound, just the bolt ons that are showing signs of wear and tear. Efforts have been stopped for today by family duties, but once this is done, it's the fuel filter and new fuel pump, though I may drop the strut out before that and check the tower.

cheers 🙂20211106_142159.thumb.jpg.d339e0a4c7450770883ae0111ed23d93.jpg20211106_141341.thumb.jpg.f0f4e17d19e978de1f80c9b916ba40c9.jpg20211106_141919.thumb.jpg.f72cb1cca3517314cc9e0a8e883365ca.jpg


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1 hour ago, Nimpy said:

Cheers Tidgy, yeah I'm a bit nervous, I am hoping it isn't too bad, he seemed pretty hopeful. Just need to wait now.. 

It maybe a case of getting some of it done now, and some at a later date, depending how bad/expensive it is 😞

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Good news, it's no where near as bad as thought, the inside of the wing has been treated, and the arches/strut tops are not bad at all!  Looks like this classic isn't for the scrapper just yet! 

Seemed to think it was in good shape for the age of it🙂

Some pics below







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Yeah, pleasantly surprised 😊 now I know she's pretty much OK I can start looking to get her pretty and a bit quicker, though want to keep it pretty much stock, nothing that can't be undone, any suggestions welcome! 

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Quite rare to see a Arcadia green uk car , let alone with low mileage 👍

I started off the a 97uk , unfortunately , although it was clean on top the rear inner arches and strut tops disintegrated within 3 years 😥

Looks quite tidy , especially for a uk 😎

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Now to deal with the leaky rear calipers. 

1st car in the air



Then get the wheels off and see the offending caliper. Although this one was obviously leaking, when I got to the other, the seals were starting to go too. 


You can see they badly need a refurb IMG_20220613_191505.thumb.jpg.e9cb35c683dae0d0e34c3e22fcd6bf21.jpgIMG_20220613_190124.thumb.jpg.8de48554b443113e9ff5294a141af15f.jpgIMG_20220613_193446.thumb.jpg.547b559ec37c76c3eb22ebf48eb8746a.jpg

So I could do them myself, but I want them powder coated, so sending them off, not coming back Gold! 

Although are there any upgrade rear calipers that don't cost the earth that are direct bolt on? 

This build thread is more like a keeping the  car alive thread😂😢



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