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Recall Farce


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So my car was booked in Monday for 2 urgent safety related recalls by Subaru. 

This was done nearly a month ago. 

Lunchtime today I received a call from Simpsons Subaru Swindon to say the work can't be done as Subaru UK haven't got the required parts. 

So now I am on a list of customers to be contacted when the parts available. 

Hopefully I won't break down or have a suspension failure in the meantime. 

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In this case you'd have expected that Subaru would have pulled all the stops out they must have had a pretty good idea of the size of the issue when the recall was announced.

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I took car to Simpsons at Swindon this afternoon.

I was very impressed with the service I received there. As soon as I walked in the door they knew who I was and took the car straight into the workshop. An hour and a hlaf later the recalll work was completed together with the free winter check. A pair of new Wiper Blades on the back seat (not fitted as they said the Suaru supplied ones are inferior quality) Bottle of windscreen washer fluid, air freshener. They also stuck some plastic valve caps on to rpelace the alloy ones I'd fitted as they said they were difficult to remove (alloy ones returned).

Overall a very good experience and I'll be using them for my servicing.

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Just an update for all of you who are requiring the suspension check recall.

When I purchased my car in June when the Battery was replaced I asked them to check for a knock in the suspension. This was the supplying dealer in the Midlands.

They told me they had checked the car and everything was in order.

I drove it until Monday with that knock believing everything was fine.

Following the visit to Simpsons- where they tightened the bolts subject to the recall, there is now no knocking anywhere in the suspension ......

I know where the car will be going in future for servicing!

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They are 'Technik Brand. 2 wipers for the front.

Once I find a decent dealer I tend to stick with them . I prefer family owned garages generally as they rely on a loyal private customer base. The fiat Garage we use fro my wife's car we have used for 12 years and bought 2 cars from them. The same guy has owned ther business for 30+ years and they rely on rpeat business.  The owner buys cars from Fiat closed Auction and always buys high spec immaculatre cars with very low miles. Our current 500 has full maroon leather interior, parking sensors  as well as the ultra rare pearlescent whitre paint which was a £900 extra.

With regards to Subaru I will travel the distance for servicing as Simpsons clearly haver the experience with the brand and whilst there I witnessed some excellent customer care in respect of another customer who had a very sick older model where they had replaced a camshaft sensor which didn't cure a problem so they put the old one back on and refunded him the cost of the part.


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