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Ecu swap ?


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Hi all 

I've got a MY94 WRX and been looking at getting a bit more power out of it want around 280-300.
I have been told I can't just get it remapped and that I need a whole new ECU. Had a quick look around the internet and seen a few mentions about a 6k Ecu which I think is from a V2 Sti and would push it up to 280bhp1? Is this true and is it just a straight swap or is there a lot more to it ? 

Thanks in advance

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Hi mate 

I'm not 100% sure I know very little about the classic remapping side other then what you have said really I know you can get other boards that fit onto or replace the ECU then gets remapped. I know of a Remappers near me I think I will have a word with him for yyou and see if I can get him on here :D

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 i have a 6k in my 1995 type ra . and with the decat , fmic and tdo5 i was at 200 brake on the rolling road. and told that is a safe 300 but thats as far as you can go before i would need  either a esl or apexi/simtec to mapp for higher power............ which is my next stop then that will be it........ :ph34r:

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I'm not sure if the ecu from the v2 sti would be a straight swop as yours being a 94 i think it will be a v1 (v1 sti ecus are fitted with the S.A ecu).

Although the earlier sti's (v1 &v2) have the same turbo and injectors as the wrx the sti has different cams as well as the more aggressive map .

I'd personally stick away from generic "chips" (like the mines chipped ecu) as they're not bespoke to the car and therefore not 100% safe and won't get the maximum performance out of the car/ mods .

Probably the cheapest option would be to look for a second hand esl boarded ecu (from the same year would defo just plug in) you'll pay about£150 to £200 for the ecu and about another £200 for a remap .

Alternatively drop simon @jgm a email and he would supply, fit and map a new esl board for about £550

Or there is the apexi ecu which is about £350 +fitting+mapping

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Duncan is based in Brighton last I heard , he used to live in Suffolk and fitted my esl and originally mapped it 2 yrs ago .He's a respected mapper but , imo he's better with the newage stuff (my afr was a bit rich on my classic ) no disrespect ment as his newage maps were spot on at my recent rr day .

Simon's based in Surrey and knows his scoobs ,he owns a 1, 000 + hp classic himself :-) hence why I thought id give him a try this time around ;-)

Both of them will either come to you and map on the road or go to a rolling road of your choice .

Once my fmic is fitted I'll be heading to a rolling road for a map tweek with simon so

A. I can get a power graph and visually check the afr, boost and torque

B. I don't have to use flat to the floor throttle on the road as traffic and weather can be a issue (when all 4 of my tyres light up in the dry already lol )

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