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McLaren P1 Vs Nordschleife


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nice little movie that, I would have liked to see some of the onboard data as well as an over lay, speed revs G force etc

I'd like to have seen a full onboard and replay footage with true sound. And mph :) 



Now why did you have to go and post that? I'm getting Nürburgring withdrawal symptoms now, and I can't go back until next year :(

Sorry mate was trying to give you some good dreams after my last profile picture ;) 

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Rumour has it that it did it in 6m 47 seconds. It would be a new record if so.

Have you seen the figures for that car. 0-62 in 2.8 and limited to 217mph!!!



The car is amazing though, would love to have a go in one :) 

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just read Clarkson comments on P1 reckoned on a slightly slippery surface it was spinning up in all gears to 4th - believable really when, as Pete pointed out, you can hear the tyres scrabbling for grip on a dry surface

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