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Soc sticker !

Dunno if it's just the yellow ones but mine was a pain to apply half the letters were left on the backing, had to get the tweezers out peel them off and mount. Considering i was rubbush at airfix transfers i did a hslf decent job :-)

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Ouch i'm sure it was only 1.50 postage when i got mine ?

Has it gone up due to shop changing ?

I presume that they do a batch and just sell. The backing on mine was quite discoloured so i put the problems down to it being sat round for ages. Maybe being 'old' in sticker terms. It's been on for six months now and survived nurmerous encounters with the hand car wash idiots.

I recon the admins should get you a replacement as a good will gesture ;-)

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Hi Guys


Sorry about this. I will be in touch with members affected and will get those stickers replaced.


The quality as far as I am aware are fine, I have the same batch and have used them and they seem to stick very well. Let's try another set of stickers and if all else fails I will take it up with the sticker guy and get hm to use another vinyl. I know the tack on different brands can vary.


As for shipping, the system is adding the same shipping across all and I am looking at removing the stickers from the shop until I resolve that shipping cost.

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being processed now mate.. I will add a couple more in.


Postage should not of been charged and I have added a code in to the stickers so shipping is free. Problem is all other products require shipping and they are all added with the same shipping. So with the code the shipping should be free for stickers.

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